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Automation helps drastically reduce production and manufacturing time. This technological innovation helps operators to oversee the operation in the process on a single screen and optimize the process whenever needed.

Innovation in today’s date and time is linked with advancement in technology, where we can observe that every industrial setup is being fully automated. Controlling a plant by sitting at one place, has greatly reduced manual work, and this is what has brought out true change in the industry today.

Keeping in mind the demands of today’s world, we have also inculcated our skills and knowledge in Electrical Engineering, Controls and Instrumentation, System hardware design, Networking, PLC, HMI/SCADA/DCS software development, and are continuously working to give systems with those value additions.

We have handled various projects involving Control Panel & Instrumentation design, PLC, HMI/SCADA/DCS development & project commissioning in various organisations.

  • System Integration
  • Controls & Instrumentation Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Services

Our strength is providing complete solution or Systems that involve

  • Identifying customer requirement
  • Providing proposal appropriate to the requirement
  • Implementing systems involving the following technologies

PLC (Programmable Logic Control)

It is an Industrial Computer that has been adapted for controlling various manufacturing processes. They can range from small modular devices to large rack mounted modular devices. PLC can tolerate the industrial environment better than normal computers which is a huge advantage for the automated processes.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

SCADA is basically incorporated in any system to obtain high level supervision of machines and processes. The key advantage of SCADA is its ability to perform a supervisory operation over a variety of different devices. It can be easily used for both large and small systems.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Human Machine Interface allows operators to start and stop cycles, adjust set points, and perform other functions required to adjust and interact with a control process. As HMI is software based, it replaces the physical wires and controls with software parameters, allowing it to be adapted and adjusted very easily.

We also provide

  • DCS/PLC-based distributed Process Control System
  • Field devices & Instrumentation
  • Industrial Networking
  1. Providing thorough & detailed documentation
  2. Provide post-installation Training, Service and Quality assurance

Pilon’s Controls and instrumentation (C&I) services include:

– Design engineering

  1. Develop C&I system architecture, hardware, software, and applications
  2. Develop P&IDs
  3. Design Process Control Logic
  4. Develop detailed specifications and drawings
  5. Estimate construction costs
  6. Develop procedures for Maintenance of Plant Operations (MOPO) during construction

– Construction and start-up

  1. Field inspections of C&I and electrical work
  2. Factory tests, calibrations, and loop checkout
  3. Multimedia electronic O&M manuals
  4. Preparation of standard operating procedure
  5. As-built documentation

– Commissioning

  1. Develop procedures for system start-up
  2. Troubleshoot Control Logic
  3. Fine tune C&I loops
  4. Interface with plant operations, system availability and acceptance testing

  1. Design of controls and electrical panels as well as electrical installations
  2. Building electrical panels, including management of controls and electrical installations
  3. Testing all the connections to the system to ensure proper working condition.
  4. Providing support if and when some error in the system occurs.