After Sales Support and Service

Support for ease of operation and maintenance at every stage

  • Research is not something pre-defined.
  • We understand that lot of trials & iterations are required to achieve certain set of results.
  • For these research operations our system is to be operated at various operating conditions, mostly our systems run. Although Pilon’s solutions are highly reliable but after all they are machines and may face breakdowns due to various aspects of operations.
  • Pilon believes in providing immediate service support. If any breakdown occurs in system, we immediately extend our support to end users. For this our dedicated service team travels Globally to extend necessary support.
  • Also, clients call us for modifications of some loops and equipments to achieve desired results; yes we extend our support for such activities too..!
  • Client satisfaction lies in the fact of ease of operation of system and how efficiently their end results are achieved and Pilon strives to deliver world class engineered products to our esteemed clients.