Consolidated Workflow

Amalgamation of Passion and Smart work

Feasibility Studies

Performance of a feasibility study before making a full-sized unit significantly reduces the risk associated with a project for our client and saves making a potentially poor financial investment.

Pilon after fully assembling the test rigs and pilot plants for our clients; in-house, welcomes our clients to perform water and inert trials as well as at actual runs before shipping the system to actual installation sites in their laboratories.

This ensures clients satisfaction and full confidence during signing of the FAT.

Pilon designs and constructs prototype test set-ups in minimum time to rapidly obtain critical information.

Technological Strength

Pilon is passionate about R&D.

Growing market needs development of new technology regularly. To keep pace with our clients growing expectations on technology & quality fronts; Pilon strives to learn as we work with our clients and keep client needs of quality and performance on top of any other interests.

We believe our client should get benefited by our best engineered systems.

For this reading research papers and diving in to clients thought process is an important aspect of our engineering design team. Technical and technological benchmarks for both (our client and Pilon’s) sides should be same to achieve best desired results.

Incorporating latest technology and hardware in our systems has helped us and our end users to provide best test rigs for their studies.

Pilon’s best agitated team of engineers from various disciplines like chemical, mechanical, E&I etc. is a perfect blend for developing best world class engineered Pilot Plants in industry.

We as a team ensure each aspect of project life cycle is taken care of to its maximum limit and executed in the best possible manner.

It’s not only about supplying pilot plants but it is now about supplying THE BEST PILOT PLANTS..!