Project Management Methodology

Up the ladder, towards the goal

Our team is our strength…!

From setting up standard operating procedures for project management to handing over ownership of the project to each individual involved in project life cycle; Pilon understands and respects the quality and integrity of the project to be delivered to our clients.

Hence each engineer and technician in Pilon well understands the depth of seriousness towards their deliverables.

Following are sequential phases of our project management

Understand your process | requirements 

Understanding and analysing what customer requires is not as easy as it seems. Processes sometimes may be complex and risky; even our customers sometime do not know risks associated and consequences later they may face later.

Our competent Sales team ensures right information is captured during every meeting with our clients.

Hence before initiating any process, we prefer to meet our customers face-to-face and understand their requirements in detail, during those discussions each project is bifurcated in to bits and pieces and every bit is then discussed and analysed separately.
Customer and Pilon once when get fully confident on various aspects of the project, we initiate our working on the detailing part.

Assigning a dedicated Project Manager against your Project

One point contact is the best policy. Our clients must know where their project stands whenever they wish to understand the progress.
Pilon’s competent project managers act as one point contact between both organizations, this avoids multiple communications between various team members and smooth and sequential flow of information during entire project life cycle.

Build an Engineered Package- BEP (Basic Engineering Package)

Every components which is part of our system has to be engineered individually.
Working closely with our clients team in early-stage of development of Pilot-Plant | Modular Systems helps Team Pilon to develop a system which is 100% in-line with our clients imaginations and expectations.

BEP comprises of P&ID, PBOM, Plant GAD, Equipment GAD, component level datasheets, electrical wiring diagrams, load lists etc. Our respective engineering design departments generate all required documents for BEP generation and project managers ensure a packaged BEP is generated finally.
Right from selection of reactors, process equipments to pressure | temperature | flow instruments to structural components to interconnections to automation software/ hardware to nut bolts and gaskets; all components specifications and parameters along with their drawings are placed in BEP in the form of datasheets and in a structured way; client gets a compiled BEP for their review and processing.

Pilon’s cutting edge-design and technological innovative solutions in our projects gives end users the best user-friendly experience.

Getting your approval on BEP

Maintaining transparency and ethical approach towards business is an important aspect towards growth of any organization.
The BEP generated by Pilon is always sent for clients approval. Client must know what they are procuring, how their plant looks like, what all components will be part of supply by Pilon, what all certifications they are getting and technical information of every components which is part of their project.

Pilon very well understands what it takes to generate funds/ get funds approvals and making your dream project work in both private as well as government organizations, hence to get a perfect flawless systems we always get your approvals on BEP without which the interlock of procurement doesn’t get activated..!

Project Plans and Meets with Internal and External Customers

Every project needs continuous involvement of team members right from engineers of all verticals to shop floor technicians to manufacturing and testing teams, to make it the best executed project.

This ensures maximising utilization of work force for optimizing scheduling time, design optimization, procurement scheduling and planning, production planning and management, assembly and final testing through dispatches and transportations.

Apart from having inter-organization meetings, we also involve our clients during these meetings where they understand their project constructions stage-wise. Remaining transparent at every stage of project makes client confident and hence can even suggest some points where they feel operational and maintenance approaches can further be fine-tuned.

Our team strives for Rapid delivery of systems through steep planning….

because we know when we fail to plan; we plan to fail
Regular project updated sheets and test reports during manufacturing stages are submitted for clients understanding.

Procurement of Materials/ Bought-Outs

Our dedicated team of procurement initiates procurement of items from our long-term and trustworthy suppliers only after we receive approvals on our submitted BEP.

Our strategy to place initial orders for longest led items is the best one to reduce project delivery spans. Rest our regular project updates through project managers will keep you updated about project’s current procurement stages and material receipts.

Manufacture Vessels | Process Equipments | Skids

Pilon’s in-house team of manufacturing/ fabrication is very strong and agile.

Right Information processed on Right Time delivered to Right People with Right Execution Strategy produces Right Products.

Right from manufacturing of complicated process equipments to structural components, everything is done in-house as per Approved Quality Assurance Plans (QAP).

Size, shapes, material of construction, volumes etc. are not a constraint for our manufacturing team. Our every Fitter, Welder and Tuber is certified by TUV.
Pilon’s stringent ISO 9001 Quality assurance program ensures mapped execution plans for every department.
Deep down in our team’s thought process; everyone knows what they are building and that is: THEY ARE BUILDING THE BEST PILOT PLANTS FOR OUR CLIENTS.
With almost all phases of manufacturing one in-house, our quality team ensures that stage-wise inspections and regular checks on every processing is done on time to avoid any flaws during manufacturing and assembly.

Our quality dossiers, certifications and NABL approved laboratory testing procedures ensures that every time a product developed on our shop floor, is the world’s best product ever developed. Continuous improvement and inter-team communications is the key to flawless and best project managements.

System Integration with PLC SCADA

Automated control systems play vital role in advancing your process technologies.
Upgradation to a fully automated systems is unique value addition process to your growth graph, this improves your quality of data and increases useful lifecycle of your plants.
Our E&I automation experts ensure integration of systems with latest renowned and proven PLC-SCADA manufactures and computerized systems for ease of operation of complicated and complex processes and stringent data logging processes.

Our in-house automation experts not only provide solutions against new requirements of plants but also add value and give suggestions to our clients who are using obsolete or back dated control systems. Revamping your old systems with latest technological solutions can save your investment and help you utilise your existing resources to achieve your research goals.
Our Control system engineers and technicians are responsible to integrate finest control systems in your systems. They are involved from concept to execution of plants till commissioning of systems at your laboratories till training and handing over system to the users. Offline/ online supports although are always available for your continuous and trouble-free operation of systems.

Assemble everything as per approved design

Our Design team working through 3D/ 2D modelling of the systems optimize design of system in a modular conceptual designs where ease of installations, operations and maintenances are levelled up & matched to highest quality norms and Pilon’s standards.

Hence assembly of systems in Pilon is a very smooth and fluent process. Project specific material is consolidated and stored in project allocated areas where material selection and product flow is very transparent.

Pilon’s Engineers and Technicians are craftsmen where every process involved in manufacturing and assembly is thoughtfully designed, manufactured and placed in our modular designed skids.

Client Stage wise inspection

Further to above mentioned all in-houses stages, we want our clients to be integral part of project development and at regular intervals we share project updated status and major critical stages in project life cycle to our clients.

We do invite our clients for stage-wise inspections too where after achieving major milestones client is fully made aware of the seriousness and transparently they are shown the products and related documentations.

Internal Testing Post Assembly

As per final approved P&ID, our testing teams get activated and start performing water and inert trials on the plant.
Let it be communication of electronic components in the system with PLC-SCADA, pressure testing of individual components and overall system to testing entire plant with at actual feeds on client demands.

Before clients are invited in our facilities for FAT, Team Pilon fully ensures that system are thoroughly 100% checked internally and ready for clients demonstrations. Further to internal tests of system thoroughly, reports are generated in all respects and shared for clients references, where client may suggest some more tests/ modifications in the system.
Pilon believes in easing the life of Pilot Plant users. Users focus must be completely on research and not on the problems generated by systems. Hence user-defined and user-friendly systems always pays fruitful results.

Final Inspection & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

As plant is fully tested and inspected internally and reports generated are shared to clients; FAT becomes a smooth process.
Our esteemed clients are invited to Pilon’s facility for their systems final testing. Plant runs during FAT are again demonstrated in presence of our clients representatives to make them confident about the results and performances of our modular systems. Once the runs are successfully completed as per clients expectations, dispatch clearances are achieved from clients and plants are then made ready for dismantling and packing.

Dismantle and Transport entire unit to your Facility

Mostly dismantling entire system is not Pilon’s taste. Our systems are designed and manufactured in modular styles where we believe in plug and play arrangements.
Only major critical instruments where their performances are very crucial and lead times are very critical are dismantled from the system and packed separately, rest all instruments, equipments and interconnecting tubing/ piping/ cables/ trays remain intact.

With proper lifting plans and packaging SOPs, Pilon ensures remaining stages are flawless and error free. Packing lists and proper project documentations ensure project is highly traceable.

SAT | Commissioning | Start-up

We believe in installing systems on site within a day.
Modular designs ensures time saving. Imagine when systems are unloaded, relocated to site of installation, hooked up and powered on within a day…!

Our astute unique designs and project execution methodologies ensure plug and play modular systems for your research goals.
Our strategies are very simple, investments should give instant returns and saving time is an important aspect. Ensuring planned activities throughout project life cycle helps us achieve mutual goals very precisely.

Once the system is plugged and powered on on-site, test runs and handover procedure begins. Depending on project size, commissioning activities may be carried out in a day or up to 2 weeks if systems are big and complex.

After successful commissioning activities Team Pilon handovers project documents and provide on-site training to clients on operational and maintenance fronts.