Project – Hydrocarbon Gas Drying and Dissolution System

Wise & accurate handling to fine tuning of hydrocarbons

About this project….

  • This project comprises of series of Adsorption through 3 columns operated in series from which moisture is removed and product is dissolved with dissolution tanks.
  • The system was fed with 1, 3 Butadiene Hydrocarbon gas which later is converted in to Liquid and fed in to columns with the help of Eldex pump.
  • Necessary VOC | Hydrocarbon sensors | Moisture sensors were installed and interlocked for the purpose of safe operation
  • MFM and other meters were incorporated to further fine tune the flows and check accuracy of the system and flow readings
  • System is strategically placed in to polycarbonate enclosure made up of extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Fully automated system through PLC-SCADA computerized system.