Value Addition

Dynamic Inputs for your system enhancement

Protection of intellectual property

  • Pilon does not own, develop or license process technology and has a clear intellectual property position. The intellectual property of our customers is protected by NDA/CDA agreements both during and after your project.
  • Any innovations or improvements made during a project are assigned to the customer owning the process technology to which they relate.
  • Your intellectual property is in safe hands and we highly respect ethics and emotions of clients. Working transparently with our clients has always earned us their trust.

Modular design

  • Our systems are crafted out of modular thinking.
  • We know time and investments are challenges to our customers, these modular systems are so efficiently designed and fabricated that as compared to conventional systems they save almost 20% of costs and 40% of your time.
  • Your installation and transportation times are saved and ultimately man hours are reduced drastically


  • Pilon brings our experience with high pressure/ temperature reactions and our extensive knowledge of local codes and standards to our customers. Our craft technicians receive regular training on safe working practices and our health and safety coordinators make safety our top priority.
  • Our engineers work closely with customers to ensure all plants Pilon designs and builds are safe to operate both in Pilon’s premises and at your site.
  • Safety from operational, maintenance and ergonomic point of view are thoughtfully implemented in our designs and control systems.
  • HAZOP studies and audits are performed on our systems as and when demanded by our clients.

User driven Experiences

  • Involving clients in every stage of our project life cycle makes our client fully used to their upcoming project in their laboratories
  • We believe in value addition and ease of operation of our systems, hence whatever is being worked out at our premises is thought-fully shared with our users and if any suggestion or modification they demand is promptly altered in our systems. This ensures the systems are 100% user driven and friendly.

Technical innovation

  • Our clients are 100% research oriented.
  • For our clients it is absolutely critical in today’s rapidly changing economic and geopolitical climate to develop new technologies and solutions.
  • To cater their needs we exist and make their lives super smooth by providing latest hardware and software solutions.
  • Our innovative approach towards manufacturing of Pilot Plants, Engineering of various components in the system, selection of best bought-outs for the plant, automation and integration in to modular plug and play systems is our strength from which clients get benefit.