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Pilon is passionate about R&D and we sign NDAs with our clients to protect their intellectual properties.

Growing market needs development of new technology regularly. To keep pace with our clients growing expectations on technology & quality fronts; Pilon strives to learn as we work with our clients and keep client needs of quality and performance on top of any other interests.

it’s not only about supplying pilot plants but it is now about SUPPLYING THE BEST PILOT PLANTS..!

With expertise in to conceptualization to designing to manufacturing the best integrated Pilot plant systems, Pilon mutually works with end users to take their process technologies from pilot scale to commercialization.

We know time and investments are challenges to our customers, these modular systems are so efficiently designed and fabricated that as compared to conventional systems they save almost 20% of costs and 40% of your time.

Pilon’s cutting edge-design and technologically innovative solutions in our projects gives end users the best user-friendly experience.

Pilon’s Engineers and Technicians are craftsmen where every process involved in manufacturing and assembly is thoughtfully designed, manufactured and placed in our modular designed skids.

We believe in easing the life of Pilot Plant users. Users focus must be completely on research and not on the problems generated by systems. Hence user-defined and user-friendly systems always pays fruitful results.

Every Projects mostly consist of feed sections, reaction sections and product sections. Depending upon users involvement and needs Pilon helps clients with manual to semi-automatic to fully-automated man less operational systems for their research needs.

Our customers need speed and excellency of the products along with confidence and reliability on performance fronts. Hence, we do not compromise on selection of hardware and softwares for our systems.

Including quality products in our systems ultimately makes our system standard, robust and more reliable. Our suppliers like Swagelok | TKF, Equilibar, Brooks | Bronkhorst, | Sandvik, Badger Meter, Ritter, ATS, Tescom etc. have since years developed quality and reliable products and have proved their existence to be worth for the R&D needs.

Hence collaborations with them and integration of their products in our systems is always a fruitful investment.

We believe in value addition and ease of operation of our systems, hence whatever is being worked out at our premises is thought-fully shared with our users and if any suggestion or modification they demand is promptly altered in our systems. This ensures the systems are 100% user driven and friendly.